Berkshires Proposal

ft. Berkshire Picnics

It was a cool spring morning when I found myself making my way through Saundra + Nathans backyard as swiftly and inconspicuously as possible. Hoping to make it to the safe camouflage of the trees before being seen. I head up the trails, to a preselected rock where I will hide for the next 45 minutes.

Just a week before this moment I received a message from my dear friends at Berkshire Picnics. They were putting on a picnic for a young Brooklyn couple who just bought their first home in the Berkshires. But it wasn’t just any picnic. Nathan was planning to propose! 

He had it all planned out. In the morning they would wake up, and head out for a casual hike on their new favorite trails. Waiting for them would be the perfect breakfast picnic for two. So I folded myself into a tiny ball and hid behind that rock. I waited. And waited. and waiting….Growing more alert with every crackle in the woods. 

And then I saw them, coming around the corner, hand in hand. When Saundra realized this was more than just a hike, Nathan dropped to his knee and asked Saundra to share her life with him. Little did he know, Saundra had the exact same idea. Once she said yes, she dropped to her own knee. Presenting a ring to Nathan and asking him to share his life with her. We love an equal opportunity proposal!! 

After some happy tears, photos, and a sweet picnic, all of their friends and family were hiding in the garage. Waiting to celebrate with them and share the most beautiful picnic for everyone in their own front yard. Congratulations Saundra + Nathan! Wishing you a beautiful next chapter together ! 



Catering + design: Berkshire Picnics