There is nothing better than a man with a plan. And let me tell you, Connor had a plan, right down to every detail. After being together for several years, Connor was ready to make it official and ask Alyssa to be his wife. Both grew up together in the Berkshires and happened to be home visiting their families to celebrate a friend's wedding. These events were perfect for keeping Alyssa distracted as Connor set up the perfect proposal without suspicion. There's a spot they love to picnic each visit home. They did the same this time around, but Connor had a little something extra up his sleeve.

As they were chatting and having their picnic, I had to find a way to get to the location, camera in hand without being spotted. Hello nerves!! I found a tree and a sign that would be the perfect cover and perched there until I got 'the signal'. Just as he planned, Connor took Alyssa out into the road to take a selfie and bam! He dropped to his knee. I think everyone's hands were shaking by the end, including mine. After the initial shock, we settled into some photos and then headed off to surprise the family!

Congratulations to Connor + Alyssa!