I hold this one dear to my heart. Maria + Shahbaz's love story began when the world seemed to stop. She had just settled into her new home in Boston when a global pandemic shocked the world. Enter Shahbaz. They fell in love, and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. I bet neither of them knew these uncertain times would bring such wonderful celebrations.

About a week before the wedding, Maria called me. She said they couldn't wait any longer to be married so they were going to have a small beach-side ceremony with the family + friends that could make it and zoom in the rest. And I just so happened to be available.

One of the most memorable things on that call was Maria + Shabaz's dedication to female entrepreneurs. Knowing the pandemic affected the careers of women and people of color the most, they wanted to do their part in supporting female-run businesses. <3

So, on that beautiful May afternoon, we gathered on Long Beach in Nahant, MA where Maria + Shahbaz found their fast, deep and strong love. I watched (and photographed) as they joined lives. It was the last day of Ramadan, so dates were handed out to eat at sunset to break fast and the three of us went into Boston for more photos and a sunset stroll. It was a romantic, deeply intimate day and I feel honored to be included.

Congratulations Maria + Shahbaz! Here's to more celebrations and photos to come!



Venue: Nahant Long Beach + Boston, MA