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Welcome! I am destination wedding & editorial photographer, Abigail.

Capturing the celebration of life, love & unscripted moments (and all that comes with it)

I'm thrilled to share my passion for photography, travel, and the art of capturing timeless moments with you. Getting back into blogging feels like stepping into a time machine. In my early twenties, while studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), I developed an insatiable desire for travel. Living in Hong Kong and France, exploring every nearby city and country we could, and even spending a few months aboard a sailboat in the South Pacific. That's when "Nowhere in Particular" was born—my aptly named blog at the time. This time around, I won't only be sharing my love for travel and people but also my passion for love in all of its beautiful, complicated forms.

As a seasoned wedding photographer with over a decade of international photography experience, I find immense joy in documenting your unique love story through the lens of my camera. I am a self-described "hopeless nostalgic" and I believe that wedding photography isn't just for today. It's an heirloom, a treasure to pass down through the ages. With time and perspective, each image reveals itself in new and exciting ways. It's a piece of your love story to carry with you, passing it on to your children and even your children’s children. 

Throughout this blog, I'm excited to offer a glimpse into the beautiful love stories we get to capture, the stunning destinations, and tips on what makes a wedding experience truly luxurious. Thanks for following along and welcoming me into your love stories! 

Cover image of Abigail taken by Ellen Sargent Photography

Right image of Abigail courtesy of Berkshire Photo Booth

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But! Before I dive into the wedding + photography chat, I thought it would be fun to introduce myself with an interview conducted by my apprentice + nephew, Ollie.

Check it out below.

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Ollie by Abigail

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Abigail by Ollie


What draws you to weddings?

Abigail: So many things! I love, love and I'm sort of a hopeless romantic. As a child, flipping through my parent’s wedding album and admiring the photos was a favorite pastime. I love to capture moments where people can see their true selves in them and can pass those on to their children. 


What is your favorite moment to photograph at a wedding?

 The newlywed portraits. While I love all aspects of the wedding day, there is something extra special about that newlywed energy between a couple. I also love to hear the vows. See? Hopeless romantic :) 


How do you capture peoples' emotions?

I try to get to know each person I photograph. Whether we spend some time together, have a few moments to chat or share a dance at the reception, I aim to find a connection between me and them. Understand a little about how they experience the world around them. It helps to slow down and observe from afar, too. This is where my documentary style approach comes in really handy. 


What adds your personal touch to each image?

The way I connect with each subject, I think. My natural style has a genuine-ness and  timelessness that you'll see in each photo. When you look back on my images, I think you'll feel that sense of nostalgia. Maybe that's my touch? 


What inspired you to begin photography?

As a kid, it felt like creativity was defined by those who could draw or paint really well. It didn’t feel like I fit in those categories. Then one day, I discovered photography. I loved the way you could capture an emotion or tell a story just by the way you framed a moment, or captured the light. It felt like you could freeze time.


Do you have a favorite place you have travelled?

I have had the beautiful opportunity to travel to some incredible places - Hong Kong, Vietnam, The Galapagos Islands, Montana - just to name a few. I hope to continue that throughout my life and career.

So far, some favorites have been the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama and our family vacation spot, Saquish.


DId you feel particularly connected to anywhere you have visited?

Spending a summer living in Provence was absolute heaven. I felt like I totally belonged there and the lifestyle for me. The cobblestone streets, weekend markets and linen dresses are still calling my name. 

On the flip side of the world, I felt similarly connected to Hawaii. The fresh fruit, salty air and incredible scenery felt like home. Both of the places are destinations I look forward to photographing weddings in.